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Ice-Cream Van For Your Event

When it comes to supporting events, Mr Cool has over 25 years experience. In that time, we have provided ice-cream vans for a wide variety of events, such as; corporate events, sporting fixtures, agricultural shows, highland games, gala days, music festivals, themed events, film & TV sets and also end of term school treats days.

We can help support you in the planning of your event and we can (if required) offer advice on how you can get the most out of us as your ice-cream seller.


Corporate Events

Treating the staff or book a van for a corporate treat at the next office party.

Gala Day

Gala Days

A staple at any gala day, we can help bring in the crowds and keep smiles on faces.


Highland Games

Summer games require an obligatory ice cream. We're on-hand to pull those cones!


Music Festivals

Creating memories and photos worthy of social feeds... all with a cone in-hand!


School Treats

The little ones go wild for a treat with their classmates - perfect for end of term.


Sporting Fixtures

There's always a crowd at games and the best crowd-pleaser is a 99!

Agricultural Shows

Agricultural Events

We'll be sure to be awarded "Best in Show" serving our Mr Whippy cones and other sweet treats.


Themed Events

Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween... count us in for some festive treats!


TV & Film

We work with studios and producers to hire our vans for programmes and movies.

How does it work?

There are a variety of options available to you when booking a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your event which are as follows:

Pitch fee

We would pay you a pitch fee for us to come and sell our products to the people attending your event. This is common for the likes of gala days, sporting fixtures, highland games, music festivals etc.


For this option the event organiser pays us a fee (negotiable) to attend their event. We pre-sell you the products you want from us in advance of the event and we then serve these products to your event participants on your behalf. This is common for the likes of corporate events and school treat days.

Mix of both pitch fee and pre-sold

We can provide a mix of option 1 & 2 where we can provide you with pre-sold Mr. Cool products up to a certain value and then event attendees then pay for additional items over and above the complimentary products provided, think of this as the same way as the first round of complimentary drinks being provided at a wedding. This model works particularly well where there is a mix of people attending your event or if you want to provide complimentary products up to a certain value and then revert to a ‘cash van’ after the complimentary items have been given out.

Percentage of sales option

In certain circumstances we are also willing to enter into an arrangement with the event organiser where we can provide them with a commission on sales. This very much depends on the type of event.

Ice-Cream Vans For Customised Events

If you have an event that you would like supported by one or more of the Mr Cool fleet of ice-cream vans that’s not listed on this website then please get in touch and let’s start the conversation. We are very creative and always willing to work with our clients to provide support that exactly meets their needs.

How do I control costs at my event?

Mr Cool Ice-Cream Vouchers are a great way to help you keep control of your costs. Simply tell us what you want on your vouchers e.g. a monetary amount or specific product(s) that qualify and leave the rest to us. We’ll print these vouchers (we can also add branding to meet your requirements) and hand them to the event organiser. You hand them out to your event attendees and they redeem them at the Mr Cool ice-cream van. At the end of the event, we return the redeemed vouchers to you, so you can see exactly what has been spent.

How much notice do I need to book Mr Cool?

All we really need is 2 weeks notice to plan your event, although it should be noted that in the busy summer months our vans are in great demand, so we would always encourage you to provide us with as much notice as possible, so we can be sure that your event is booked in, in plenty of time.

Is there a Crowd Limit On The Size Of Event You Can Support?

In short, we can cover any size of event in Scotland as and when required. If needed we can provide more than one ice-cream van at your event to keep queues down to minimum or to cover different on-site locations. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to working closely with event organisers to make sure their event runs smoothly.

What about your vans?

All the vans in our fleet are provided by the Whitby Morrison, who are recognised throughout the world as the leading supplier of ice-cream vans. The Mr Cool fleet of vans are all Euro6 compliant and can run off a 32 amp power supply at your event (if one is available) to help reduce emissions. Our vans can of course generate their own power, if no power source is available.

Next Steps

So, if you’re wanting to hire one of our vans for an upcoming event then get in touch and let’s have the conversation to see how Mr Cool can help add that something special to your event.

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Let us know what you’re looking for from your next event and we’ll be sure to surprise and delight your guests – no matter their age!