Hire Our Ice-Cream Van and
You’re Sure To Be ‘Best In Show’

Mr Cool ice-cream van hire supports a number of agricultural shows each year and as such, we’ve got a great understanding of what’s required from us from the event organisers…and we’re only too happy to play our part in making your show a success.

We can, if we are required to, provide a number of vans that would be located at different parts of your show to help keep queues to a minimum. Our vans come fully stocked with all your favourites ice-cream treats and toppings that you’d expect to see in an ice-cream van, so the spectators attending your show will have plenty to choose from.

Ice-cream At Agricultural Shows

Keep the spectators at your next agricultural show happy with an ice-cream from Mr Cool. There’s nothing better on a summers day than wandering round taking in all exhibits at an agricultural show and enjoying a delicious Mr Whippy soft ice-cream.

Make sure your show is the ‘winner by miles’ by contracting Mr Cool ice-cream van hire.

What Are My Payment Options For This Type Of Event?

For Agricultural Events, we offer two payment models:

Pitch fee

We would pay you a pitch fee for us to come and sell our products to the people attending your event.

Percentage of sales

In certain circumstances we are also willing to enter into an arrangement with the event organiser where we can provide them with a commission on sales. This very much depends on the type of event.

Hire Our Vans

Interested in hiring a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your next agricultural event? Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your event.