Looking for Something Different
For Your Next Corporate Event?

Are you tired of the same old corporate events? Want to treat your customers or employees to something a little different that they’ll remember for a long time to come?

Then why not book a Mr Cool ice-cream van to turn up at your event and we can treat your customers and/or staff to delicious ice-cream as well as other great Mr Cool ice-cream van products on your behalf.

Treat Your Customers To An Ice-Cream

What better way to thank your customers than by hiring a Mr Cool ice-cream van and treating them to some delicious Mr Whippy soft ice-cream. You could hire our vans to go to a specified site anywhere in Scotland and provide your customers with ice-cream at your chosen event.

This treat will be remembered for a long time to come and is a great way of saying ‘thank you for the business!’.

Wardpark Studios

Treat Your Staff To An Ice-Cream

It’s really important that you remember and reward the people who work for you, after all a simple gesture goes a long way in building a good work environment. As more and more businesses are now operating a hybrid work model, it’s important to bring the workforce together and thank them all collectively for their efforts.

We’ve supported many business events where we turn up at an allotted time (lunchtime or afternoon break) and give employees a delicious Mr Whippy soft ice-cream. It’s a relatively inexpensive way of saying thank you to your work force, so what’s stopping you?

Branded Ice-Cream Vouchers

We’ve introduced ‘Mr Cool Ice-Cream Vouchers’ to help you keep control of your costs. Simply tell us what you want on your vouchers e.g. is it a monetary amount or specific products that qualify and leave the rest to us. We’ll get these vouchers printed (we can also add your company or event branding if you require) and hand them to the event organiser on the run up to or on the day of the event.

You distribute them to your event attendees and they redeem them at the Mr Cool ice-cream van and at the end of the event we return the redeemed vouchers to you, so you can see exactly what has been spent.

Hire Our Vans

Interested in hiring a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your next corporate event? Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your event.