Hire Our Ice-Cream Van to Set The Tone
At Your Next Music Festival

When you are arranging a big music festival you want to spend time focussing your attention on the music acts and festival goers and not on the suppliers who are providing you with their services for the festival goers and that’s where Mr Cool’s ice-cream van hire comes in.

We’re experts at providing ice-cream vans for hire for large events all across Scotland. When you engage our services, you can relax knowing that that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Ice-Cream For All Festival Goers

Music Festivals are synonymous with the summer and hopefully…good weather, so what better way to enjoy all the music on offer at the festival than with a delicious Mr Whippy ice-cream from a Mr Cool ice-cream van.

We have a great deal of experience of providing ice-cream at a number of music festivals all over Scotland. Our delicious ice-cream certainly strikes the right note with festival goers as they sit back, relax and listen to the music on offer, whilst enjoying one of our delicious ice-creams.

What Are My Payment Options For This Type Of Event?

For Music Festivals, we offer two payment models:

Pitch fee

We would pay you a pitch fee for us to come and sell our products to the people attending your event.

Percentage of sales

In certain circumstances we are also willing to enter into an arrangement with the event organiser where we can provide them with a commission on sales. This very much depends on the type of event.

Hire Our Vans

Interested in hiring a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your next music festival? Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your event.