Give Your Pupils
An End Of Term Treat

What better way to treat all the kids at your school than with a Mr Whippy ice-cream from Mr Cool near the end of term. The kids have worked hard all year, so surely they deserve a wee reward!

Imagine the faces of all the kids in the school when the ice-cream van drives up and they’re told they can all get a free ice-cream!

Don’t worry if there are some kids who don’t like ice-creams, we can also offer a variety of other products that you’d expect to see in a well-stocked Mr Cool ice-cream van such as; slushies, sundaes and candy floss…so as you can see, we’ve got something for everyone.

End of Term Ice-Cream Treat

By giving all the pupils at your school an end of term ice-cream treat you are saying well done and thank you for all the hard work they’ve put in during the school year. We can turn up at a pre-arranged time on a day of your choosing near the end of term and provide an ice-cream treat to all your pupils…and if they’re good, we can even give the staff an ice-cream as well!

What better way of sending them away happy on their summer holidays than by finishing the year on a high note and letting them enjoy an ice-cream with all their classmates.

A School Sports Day Ice-Cream Treat

Not everyone can be a winner at school sports day…or can they? By booking a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your school’s sports day then everyone is a winner as they all get an ice-cream just for taking part. We can turn up at a pre-arranged time and place and be ready to serve ice-cream to all the school children.

A School Disco/Prom Ice-Cream Treat

What better way to make sure you school pupils enjoy their next school Disco or Prom by hiring a Mr Cool ice-cream van. Whether you’re having a break in the proceedings or you want us there to serve the school pupils throughout the evening we’re happy to help.

Make sure your next school disco or prom is remembered for years to come by adding that little extra special ingredient… a Mr. Cool ice-cream van.

Branded Ice-Cream Vouchers

We’ve introduced ‘Mr Cool Ice-Cream Vouchers’ to help you keep control of your costs. Simply tell us what you want on your vouchers e.g. is it a monetary amount or specific products that qualify and leave the rest to us. We’ll get these vouchers printed (we can also add your company or event branding if you require) and hand them to the event organiser on the run up to or on the day of the event.

You distribute them to your event attendees and they redeem them at the Mr Cool ice-cream van and at the end of the event we return the redeemed vouchers to you, so you can see exactly what has been spent.

Hire Our Vans

Interested in hiring a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your next school event? Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your event.