Our Ice-Cream Vans Get The Right Result
At Your Next Sporting Fixture

In any walk of life, it’s important that you get the right support and that’s where Mr Cool’s fleet of ice-cream vans come in. We have a great deal of experience in adding value to any sporting event that we support, ensuring that our part of the event runs smoothly.

Ice-Cream at 10K’s & Fun Runs

If you are organising a 10K, not only do you have to plan the route and ensure the safety of all competitors but you’ll also have to consider the activities at the start/finish line where all the family members and well-wishers of the runners congregate.

The good news is that Mr Cool’s fleet of ice-cream vans can help. We can set up at your event and provide participants (surely they want to celebrate completing the run) and spectators alike with delicious Mr Whippy soft ice-cream.

We support a number of 10K’s and fun runs each year, so we have a great deal of experience in ensuring we meet the exact requirements of the events organisers. Our friendly staff will actively play their part in adding to the fun family environment and they love getting into the spirit of the event.

Ice-Cream at Sports Stadiums

Whatever your sporting event, there is no doubt that the general ambience of the event can be added to with the addition of an ice-cream van…and that’s where Mr Cool’s fleet of vans come into their own.


Our mobile vans visit stadiums up and down the country supporting major sporting events like football, rugby and cricket matches, but also smaller community focussed events as well. Whatever the event you can count on Mr Cool to help make it a success.

Ice-Cream at Golf Events

Over the course of a day thousands of golf fans can turn up at a golf event and if the sun comes out then you can be guaranteed that those fans will like nothing more than to enjoy an ice-cream whilst taking in all the on-course action. Hire a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your next golf event and we’ll make sure your spectators are well looked after.

What Are My Payment Options For This Type Of Event?

For Sporting Fixtures, we offer two payment models:

Pitch fee

We would pay you a pitch fee for us to come and sell our products to the people attending your event.

Percentage of sales

In certain circumstances we are also willing to enter into an arrangement with the event organiser where we can provide them with a commission on sales. This very much depends on the type of event.

Hire Our Vans

Interested in hiring a Mr Cool ice-cream van for your next sporting fixture? Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your event.